• Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.Dorothea Lange

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Today is their image release date and I hope the parents have as much fun looking at their child’s multiple images as I had taking them.

If you are a Grace Preschool parent and would like to view and/or order  your child’s images please go HERE or to the top of the menu bar under “school portraits.” You will find a password protected link for Grace.  The password was sent to you through the school’s Shutterfly account on Monday, April 12, as well as on a flyer that was placed in your child’s book bag on Monday/Tuesday of this week (April 12/13).

Please email me through the mail icon below if you did not receive the Shutterfly email or the flyer in your child’s book bag with the password.

Deadline for ordering images is Monday, April 20.

Remember, 10% of all proceeds will be donated back to Grace Preschool.

Do you know of another school that would like authentic, REAL portraits of their students that actually reflect the personality, style and stage in life? If so, please contact me or check out the FAQ page on Boutique School Photography. It’s time for school photos to reach a new level!

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I had the privilege of having a little playdate with these cuties! I couldn’t haven’t asked for a better pair. They were funny, sweet, and a super tight pair. Just what you think of when you hear the word “sisters.”

I love getting to document a fleeting time in somebody’s life. These two will never be this age again. In 10 years they’ll be at a different stage, running off with different friends and who knows, maybe different cities.

This is why I ALWAYS tell my clients not to wait.

Don’t wait to be 10 pounds lighter. Don’t wait until the to-do list is not as long. Don’t wait until it’s the “right time.” Time passes so quickly.

Don’t wait!

If you are interested in documenting through video DON’T WAIT!

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