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Early Bird’s 6th birthday was at the end of January. We had an impromto photoshoot 15 minutes before school but I usually like to do an official photoshoot commemorating the passing of another year, like at 5 and at 4 and at 3, but we had to wait a little longer.  I’m glad we did. The early spring flowers are blooming now. If you’re from California then you know our green season only lasts about two months at the most, in February and March. We usually get rain in the winter so everything comes alive after that for a brief time and it’s so beautiful… even if it’s fleeting!

We ended up doing a documentary video of the occasion so look for that in the next couple of weeks. I couldn’t help but take a couple of still images while we were out amongst the beautiful flowers in an abandoned orchard.

P Squared Studios | Los Gatos California | FamilyPhotographer

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    Sarah - Where does the time go!? Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl!!ReplyCancel

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Someone had their 6th (6??!!!) birthday this week.

I usually try to do a full out photo shoot of her each year close to her birthday (which are currently in the works) but for now we did a quick 5 minute one before school on her actual birthday.

(See HERE for her 5th bday shoot & video)

P Squared Studios | Campbell, California | Newborn Photographer_0025_web
P Squared Studios | Campbell, California | Newborn Photographer_0026_web
P Squared Studios | Campbell, California | Newborn Photographer_0027_web
P Squared Studios | Campbell, California | Newborn Photographer_0028_web
P Squared Studios | Campbell, California | Newborn Photographer_0029_web

Some special people, aka Grandma P and daddy, got to come the last few minutes of class and read her life story. She looved it! And we couldn’t NOT take a picture of Ms. B, who she ADORES and is just the best teacher ever!!

Can’t wait to see what the next 365 days bring!!

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